RCSF sends out periodic updates and photos to the RCS alum community. Two short electronic newsletters are sent in the early fall and early spring; two longer paper newsletters are sent in the late fall and late spring.

Not receiving paper or email newsletters from us? Make sure your contact info is up to date with the HAA. If it is updated but you’re still not receiving newsletters, send us an email at records@rcsfoundation.org.

You can also subscribe to our general interest email list (for all alums) or our email list for local Boston alums by emailing records@rcsfoundation.org. Please send your full name, class year, email address, and which list(s) you would like to subscribe to (all alums and/or local alums).

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Special thanks to Faith Zhang ’12 and Jackie Granick ’08, for creating these newsletters and all our RCSF communications.

December 2013 – (PDF)
May 2013 – (PDF)
March 2013 – (HTML)
December 2012 – (PDF)
May 2012 – (PDF)
March 2012 – (HTML)
December 2011 – (PDF)
October 2011 – (HTML)
May 2011 – (PDF)
March 2011 – (HTML)
December 2010 – (PDF)
October 2010 – (HTML)
May 2010 – (PDF)
March 2010 – (HTML)
December 2009 – (PDF)
October 2009 – (HTML)
April 2009 – (PDF)
March 2009 – (HTML)
November 2008 – (HTML) | (PDF)
March 2008 – (HTML) | (PDF)
December 2007 – (PDF)
October 2007 – (HTML)

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