RCSF Officers, 2019-2020

Amy Lifland, President
Michelle White, Treasurer
Alice Clark, Clerk

RCSF Committees, 2019‐2020

Bold name denotes committee chair, italicized name denotes committee member that is not on the Board of Directors.

Executive Committee: Amy Lifland, Olivia Pei, Octavia Devon, Michelle White, Renee Landers, Bronwen Tudor, Catherine Nichols, Natalie Panno

Student Affairs Committee: Dominique Alfandre, Blaine Saito

Alumnae Affairs Committee: Octavia Devon, Louise Forger Brown, Joei Marshall Perry, Andrea Bomar, Kathy Reardon

Finance Committee: Michelle White, Blaine Saito (financial advisor), Jennifer Ludovic, Cynthia Connell Cook, Jenn Hoang

Development Committee: Bronwen Tudor, Louise Brown, Dominique Alfandre Palmer, Melissa Weikart

Governance Committee: Renee Landers, Louise Brown, Dominique Alfandre Palmer

Nominating Committee: Catherine Nichols, Joei Marshall Perry, Joyce Curll

Communications Committee: Natalie Panno, Jennifer Ludovic, Nicole Motreale, Andrea Bomar

The Executive committee is comprised of the President, two Vice Presidents, the Treasurer, and chairs of the Development, Governance,  Nominating, and Communication Committees. The Executive committee is charged with acting in place of the Board between Board meetings when required. The committee also is responsible for overseeing strategic planning and mission and coordination of committee efforts.

Student Affairs
The Student Affairs committee is directly responsible for facilitating ways in which the RCSF Board and the broader alumnae community can support the students.  The committee promotes student-alumnae interaction and provides direct advising for major student responsibilities, including budgeting and tour planning.

Alumnae Affairs
The Alumnae Affairs committee is responsible for building connections within the alumnae community through events and special projects that maintain the rich traditions of the Radcliffe Choral Society. The committee organizes events such as the Reunion Sing and History Tea, and coordinates alumnae attendance at RCS concerts.

The Finance committee is responsible for managing RCSF finance through short and long-term financial management.  The committee also oversees investments and is responsible for laying the groundwork for and eventual management of a new RCSF endowment. Finally, the committee advises RCS on financial management.

The Development committee is responsible for overseeing all elements of RCSF’s fundraising endeavors.  This includes all components of annual fundraising, such as appeal letters and emails, phonathons, senior gift, fundraising events, and individual solicitations, as well as any targeted fundraising drives or campaigns the Foundation may decide to hold in the future.  The committee also acknowledges and stewards gifts and collaborates with other committees for donor engagement and cultivation.

The Communications committee is responsible for coordinating alumnae and community outreach. It organizes and produces paper and electronic communication between current students, the Foundation board members and committees, and the greater Foundation, and maintains the RCSF website, social media pages, and alumnae records.

The Governance committee is responsible for seeing that RCSF runs smoothly and ethically, in accordance with the bylaws and the relevant state and federal laws governing nonprofit organizations. The committee reviews board meeting agendas, and manages annual filings and insurance coverage. The committee is also developing a number of policies to serve and guide our new and growing organization, including policies for investment, expense reimbursement, and gift acceptance.


The Nominating committee is responsible for recruiting individuals to serve on the RCSF Board of Directors. The committee seeks to maintain involvement by alumnae with a wide variety of skills and experience by fostering avenues for alumnae participation and by identifying and reaching out to individuals. The committee also advises the Board on selections for Directors, Officers, and committee chairs.

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