Holden 2020 Vision

DCA Andy Clark has gathered together a “Holden 2020” task force, composed of Holden students, alumnae, and foundation management, to examine the goals, challenges and visions of the Holden Choruses and develop a plan for the program’s development through the year 2020.

His introductory letter isĀ here, and we will be soliciting feedback, thoughts, and ideas from RCS alumnae. Please stay tuned for further details in how you can help – we will be updating this page regularly with more information.

Harvard’s rich choral history lends us a position of influence in the collegiate choral community, and we, with Andy, are excited to help Holden innovate and stay open to the exciting opportunities in store.


The Holden 2020 Task Force is a strategy team of students and alumni working with Andy Clark to analyze the work of the Harvard choral program, consider new opportunities, and raise a series of questions and issues to consider in setting a course for the program’s future.

A core committee of 13 students and alumni has met several times since October and expects to present recommendations for discussion in fall 2014. Several research teams, which include task force members and additional students and alumni, are gathering data about the current program, and others are exploring future options. Initiatives underway include member, leader, and audience surveys, and a financial resources review.

RCSF board member Ann Marie Lindquist ’84, who is facilitating the research team on innovation and best practices in the arts, reports, “It’s been astonishing to harness the power of a collective brain trust of Harvard alumni and students, all for the benefit of the choral program. In short order our team progressed from grappling with a rather broad charge to producing a 24-page report that probes deeply into branding, collaboration, community engagement, electronic communications, and more. What’s really inspiring is the respect everyone has shown for Andy’s artistic vision. The task force and the research teams are giving Andy the space he needs to think broadly and deeply, imagine the future, and draw on a deep well of support and good will from alumni in order to achieve his dreams.”

Other RCS alumnae and students who have participated so far include Veronica Behrens ’16, Julie Yao Cooper ’85, Cara Ferrentino ’08, Jennifer Hoang ’00, Renee Landers ’77, Amy Lifland ’13, and Susan Erburu Reardon ’78.

Andy Clark and project facilitator Robert Fox ’86 (HGC) gave a preview of initial data from the member and leader surveys to the RCS and HGC Foundation boards in early March. Andy emphasizes that while the project will spawn initiatives to raise the profile of the choruses, it will not change the core structure of three outstanding, student-managed choruses.

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