RCSF at Harvard-Yale Weekend

The Radcliffe Choral Society performs in their first Harvard-Yale Football Concert – Celebrate with a Harvard Choruses Tailgate!

Harvard-Yale Football Concert
Friday, November 22, 2019 | 7:30pm
Woolsey Hall, 500 College Street

Highlights from this concert archived here

The Harvard Glee Club, Yale Glee Club, and Radcliffe Choral Society continue the long tradition of a joint concert on the evening before The Game at Yale University. This will be RCS’s first appearance at this historic concert.

To coordinate with members of RCSF before the concert on socializing and seating, please RSVP here to be contacted with more information.
If you are interested in hosting a remote livestream viewing party, please RSVP here and we will be in touch.

RCSF at The Game: Harvard-Yale 2019
Saturday, November 23, 2019 | 10:00am
Landers/Dore Residence

Join Renée Landers, RCSF board member, at the annual Landers/Dore Tailgate hosted by her sister, at her home a 10-20 minute walk to the Yale Bowl. Game tickets not required! Renée writes:

“My sister has been having this tailgate since my son was a Harvard undergraduate and in the HGC. Thus, his friends from HGC, RCS, and HRCM attended and the invitation was extended to all in the groups. The HGC contingent always performed a medley of football songs at the tailgate.

If you would like to sing, learning the songs BEFORE the concert is imperative. Everyone has heard them a thousand times. so really it is a matter of reviewing the words and perhaps some parts.” Please see below for more info about sheet music

Please RSVP to the tailgate here  for details. Bringing a beverage is appreciated, but not required.

New This Year – SATB Harvard and Radcliffe Fight Songs!

In advance of The Game, RCS Manager Samantha Hung writes, “We’ve expanded on the typical Glee Club medley and brought in some of our own songs, and I’m very excited about it. Consolidated, the medley is:

  • 10,000 Men
  • The Cherry Ribbon
  • Yo-Ho
  • R-A-D
  • Harvardiana
  • Gridiron King
  • Soldier’s Field

Please share the PDF with as many alumni as you can reach! We’re also hoping to have one-page lyric sheets that we can hand out on stage during the concert, and Radcliffe, Now We Rise to Greet Thee is being added to the singing of the almae matres at the end of the concert.”

The sheet music for this new medley can be found here. If you are interested in singing at the concert or tailgate, please take a look before Friday!

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